People are Loving the Liberty Village CARES Movement

"The first LVCARES fundraiser was an event like no other. In 5 years working in LV I haven't been this inspired, educated, moved and enlightened - all at the same time. Phenomenal combination of energy, people, purpose and care."

- Natalie Petyashina
Owner Vibrant Lifestyle Health & Wellness Centre


"I have a job that often highlights the worst moments in people's lives. LVCARES is a great reminder of the goodness in people. Thanks for bringing us together."

- Heather Nichols
LV Resident and hardcore Blue Jays Fan


"LV Cares gives me hope that people in our community care about helping and serving others. It's a way for people to connect with others and to make a positive contribution to the world."

- Darryl Dash
Pastor at Liberty Grace Church

"Giving and caring is contagious and it looks like we have an epidemic in our neighborhood."

- Sheila Wong

"Liberty Village Cares makes a difference in the community by connecting and inspiring neighbors to help those less fortunate. What a fantastic initiative."

- Allan Tarkmeel
Real Estate Broker at Royal LePage "We Heart Toronto Homes"

"LVCARES allows me to teach my daughters teh power of giving, since we are so fortunate to have. They still talk about the walk for Terry and how it will help many."

- Silvia A Rebelo

"LV Cares has given me the chance to go back to how I grew up, within a village of people who truly cared for each other and supported each other. Moving to the heart of the city, yet living in a village that welcomed me when I knew no one, has truly made my life complete - THANKS to all of you!"

- Pat Vafiades
Jamberry Consultant

"LV Cares means being part of a community that cares for one another and cares for others in our surrounding areas. Giving back not only impacts those who receive the help, it impacts all of us in a way that words can't even describe. My life has been forever changed by the work that LVCARES has started and will continue in the future."

- Lalita Dixit
Rock Star Resident

"Liberty Village CARES is about community coming together to spread generosity and positivity. I feel it compels and pushes people to give back, becoming more motivating as the group grows."

- Shawn Dobrowolski
Account Maanger - Sales


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